Thursday, April 23, 2009

Women vs. Men

My sister and I have a lot in common. This is not surprising since we shared the same small bedroom until I was twenty and she was sixteen. One of our shared traits is that we both have had a number of long term close friends. Interestingly her friends and my friends would be hanging out in our bedroom at the same time and there would be no interaction or recognition of the other's presence. It was if we were in entirely separate locations.

I think her friends were aware, at least of the presence of my friends. My friends who were four years older did not acknowledge the exisence of my sister or her friends. There are definitely differences between men and women. My sister knows me better than anyone. This is because of the closeness of our living conditions, her nature as a people person (she is presently a therapist in Hollywood) but mostly because women pay more attention to personalities and feelings while men pay more attention to the physical and to things.

I once went to a workshop with a teacher, whom I respect, about the differences between men and women. The question that was being discussed was what do men and women want. What do they really? It seems that women want to be in service, to nurture, and to take care of others. What men want is orgasms. When women wake up in the morning their first thoughts are about their children or about what they need to do to take care of others. The first thoughts of men are about what they need for themselves.

There is no question in my mind that women are overall smarter than men and are on a higher level. In the Jewish religion there are something like 611 laws that need to be followed by a practicing Jew. 608 of them apply to men and only 3 apply to women. Men need to be disciplined more than women. They need more rules to help them do what is right. Women are more inclined to create and support. Men are more inclined to destroy. Men need women more than women need men.

In spite of the obvious superiority of women, most of the great achievements of the world have been accomplished by men. It might be that on average women are superior to men but that the highest level of men are on a higher level than the highest level of women. Or it may be that men had more opportunities to develop themselves while women have had to take care of the home or family. This could be changing though.

It seems that if we are going to survive women need to given more power. There is definitely a masculine orientation in today's world. Our society is essentially patriarchal, controlled by men. The consequences of this are that we are more vulnerable to war and to destroying Mother Nature by our lack of discipline and inability to control our greed and lust. It would be to our advantage to enable women to be more in control. This probably won't be accomplished by a conscious effort on the part of men. Women are going to have to take the bull by the horns and demand the power for themselves. I definitely would support this. It would also be very interesting to observe how this unfolded.

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