Friday, February 13, 2009

Chaos Rules

My eighty-nine year old mother, Frances, just called to complain that she felt helpless to help my ninety-seven year old father, Maury. She felt she was alone and that she had nowhere to turn. She wanted to speak to her only son because "who else did she have?" Meanwhile, my sister is taking care of everything and my mother has twenty-four hour a day help for her and my father.

Simultaneously, I received a call back from a business associate who had not shown up for a meeting with me yesterday. I had driven an hour and a half to meet with him. He did not mention or apologize for not calling or showing up. He just wanted to set up another meeting. Since I was on the other line with my crying mother I didn't confront him about this. I will though.

My wife this morning was speaking to her lawyer brother about a big problem that is troubling her. It seems the Social Security Agency claim they sent her $69,000 in benefits over five years and she has NOT received one penny. Plus, she has a letter from the local Security Agency stating that she did not receive any money.

While writing this blog, my son Scott called. He he is a lawyer. He told me he was a little concerned about the shooting death of a 51 year old lawyer in the parking lot outside his office. It seems that a man in a ski mask jumped out of the car and put one bullet in the back of his head and then drove away.

I could go on. I hope you're getting the picture. Chaos rules. Truth, reality, and common sense are in short supply. We need some warriors now--people willing to fight for the truth, for reason, to bring sanity back into the world. We have enough wimps--people whose only concern is their own personal comfort and happiness.

Check out "The Trap" and "Century of Self," two documentaries that portray a viewpoint about how our society has evolved in the last hundred years. Very provocative stuff.

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  1. I finally figured out how to find you. I guess you figured out by my name this is John. It was a pleasure as usual seeing you and I will now continue to follow this blog.