Monday, March 2, 2009

Change and Hope

Just got back from seven days in Florida. Average temperature was 75 degrees and every day was beautiful. Looking out my window at ten inches of snow now. What a difference. My initial instinct is to complain but living in extremes is required now.

We stayed on Singer Island which is in Palm Beach County, one the richest areas in the world, and Madoff country. We did a little sightseeing observing no evidence of financial stress at all. Matter of fact the level of conspicuous consumption was staggering. We went into an art gallery on Worth Street, the Rodeo Drive of Palm Beach where we saw an Andy Wardhol print of Marilyn Monroe, one of 250 just like it that was selling for $170,000.00. I mentioned to the owner that I thought this was a little high for a print. She was completely offended and told me I was just unaware of art prices. This print had been selling for $235,000.00 a few months ago. This print was a great bargain. Although I still have fond memories of Marilyn if she told me it was $170.00 I probably wouldn't have bought it.

There is definitely a shift occurring in our world. The question is to what degree will our lives be effected and whether or not the change will improve or worsen our situation. I happen to think that so much has been out of control for so long that there is some payback required, although I am hopeful that the shock and chaos produced will lead us to new values and ultimately a better life.

It is actually exciting to see that the old guard is deteriorating, that arrogance, greed, false bravado, rip-off thinking and reckless speculation are being exposed for the negative results that they have ultimately produced. It is encouraging to see that what we always knew was ridiculous, even if we went along with it, has proven to be ridiculous. There is no way that buying things we don't really need can make us happy and that the people who profited from convincing us that this was to our advantage should continue to prosper.

If we can resist our fear of change, maintain a commitment to fairness, personal development, and seeing things more clearly there is real hope that we can create a better world.

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