Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Seeds Of Change

The last few days has seen an upturn in the stock market. Market analysts are now proclaiming that we have seen the worst of it and whether or not we go straight up from here, we finally have reached the bottom. It is now a good time to invest.

I don't believe too many people believe this B.S. I don't even think the ones who are saying it actually believe it. If these statements weren't so self serving and actually harmful they could be laughed at. It reminds me of some story from the bible where God asks Noah to find one good man and he will save the world. Noah can't deliver and God unleashes the Great Flood. Where can we find today someone we can trust, someone we can believe in.

Actually I am beginning to think that there are a lot of good people. They are not the ones who are doing most of the talking. The skills and abilities that have enabled people to get into positions where they can express their ideas are not a commitment to truth, a desire to dig deeply into issues, a spirit of openness, or the willingness to admit weakness or infallibility. They usually are good looks, an eye for fashion, an ability to entertain or communicate with flair, and an out of control ego that desires followers.

Their are a few exceptions and there are those who are willing to fight against the system for the right reasons and without concern for their own image or personal gain. More importantly there is a growing mass of of average individuals who are tired of being lied to, who no longer are willing to put up with the ridiculous treatment that prevents them from getting the simplest things accomplished within the maze of corporate bureaucracy. If Thomas Paine was living today he probably would write Common Sense, Part 2. The seeds are being sown for another revolution, a non-violent one, that will transform the society as we know it. I'm looking forward to it.

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