Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Is Barack Real

I never was interested in politics. I never watched the news. I had no idea who Sean Hannity was or Bill Maher. I was somewhat familiar with Rush Limbaugh, although I had not heard him speak. This all changed with Barack Obama. Although i liked Hillary and felt she would bring something new to politics I was intrigued with Barack, his meteoric rise, and the potential that he truly might be a politician who would be honest and could be trusted.

I did not believe that politics mattered. It seemed to me that the Democrats and
Republicans were basically the same. I believed that the primary difference was the way they marketed themselves. They did market research to determine what the American people wanted and then geared their appeal to telling the people what they thought they wanted to hear.. I did not see in any of the presidents or presidential candidates anyone who showed any spark of creativity, sensitivity, or commitment to a higher level of thinking and being. There was no one who inspired my imagination, who motivated me, or gave me a sense that there could be real change.

I am hopeful that Obama is real, that he has some grand plan and that he has surrounded himself with a team who actually know what they are doing and can get things done. He has been in office now for almost two month and it seems to me that he has set in motion a number of different plans to help stimulate the economy and improve the overall financial picture of the American people. Whether they will work or not we will see.

I would like to believe that that there is something to believe in. It has been obvious to me for many years that there are fundamental problems in our society and that most of those in positions of power and influence are more interested in what is in it for them and and how they can maintain their position and its benefits without taking much risk. The results of this is that we have gotten ourselves into a real mess, that we have devastated our economy and that now we are vulnerable to significant struggles and suffering in the years ahead.

The reasons for our troubles may be normal cyclical declines that have always occurred within great civilizations or they might be the culmination of continuous abuses of our resources, our money and credit, and the constant brainwashing that has turned us into consumption machines. If Barack Obama is going to gain my confidence he is going to have to confront these abuses and point out the obvious truth about how our leaders have let us down. If he does this I will get behind him 100 percent and contribute any way I can to helping and supporting him. If I see he is the same old politician without real vision or courage I will sink back even more deeply into my hermetic existence.

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