Monday, March 16, 2009

Results of 45 years of inquiry

There are times when it seems that no one understands what I am saying, I hate to admit it but these times are frequent. This does not include those times when I am communicating with my wife or kids or friends about practical matters or reporting about what is going on in my life. These communications are usually successful.

What I have difficult with is communicating the results of my spiritual, philosophical , and psychological studies. In studying these area, including religion I have encountered many theories, ideas, opinions, imaginings, and other speculative viewpoints that require some level of faith to accept. What I am looking for is to narrow my searching to those ideas that I know are true, those that do not have to be accepted on faith but can be proven by observations and are duplicated over a period of time. Here are a few of the ideas which have been proven to me.

1- There is a limitation to what we can understand through logic. The most obvious proof of this is our inability to logically imagine how we were created. We then must ask who created our creator and on and on. There is no logical conclusion to this critical question and yet we exist or we would not be asking this question.

2- It appears that the answer to our inability to logically answer the creation creation is that we are thinking dualistically and linearly, as if everything has a cause and one thing follows another.
There is another way of thinking or observing that perceives the world as a unity where all things are connected and there is no time as we usually know it. The past, present, and future are all occurring at the same time. This idea cannot be communicated but can be intuited or experienced.

3-I'm not positive of this one. But since logic is limited and there is another way to look at our world that is different than logic, there must be a way to develop ourselves or free ourselves from the shackles of logic. All mystical traditions speak about states where we are free to see the world in an unobstructed or expanded way. There are teachings which give us practical methods to awaken ourselves from our limited state and connect with a higher state where logic is transcended and the universe appears in its non-dualistic reality. I have had enough experiences, through LSD, meditation, yoga, moments of consciousness, and unique energetic shocks to conclude that there are other states available to us.

The result of these three points is that there is hope for our future. There is the possibility that we can learn and grow and that our actual mechanism of perceiving the world will change. When this happens to enough of us the nature of our planet will be different.

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